FBI releases hacking tool that makes it easier for hackers to break into target’s computers

The FBI released a tool on Tuesday that makes hacking easier for people to steal information from targeted computer systems, in an effort to make it easier to conduct cyber attacks.The tool, called Vulnerabilities in Internet Connectivity and Security, is available for free to users on the FBI’s Public Safety

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Which company hacked the wattpad?

The Wattpad, the online home of data security, has been hacked by the hacker who claimed to be behind the WannaCry ransomware attack.WannaCrypt, which encrypts files on a computer, is also believed to be responsible for the WPA2 security breach that has forced many companies to change their passwords.According to

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What to do if you’re getting stuck with a wattpad hack

If you’ve got a wattpads that just won’t work with your new Smart TV or smart home devices, the smart home hacker group Wattpad Hackers says it has a solution.Wattpad Hackes has an update to its Wattpad Wifi Cleaner for Windows that fixes some of the common issues found with

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Bill Gates hacks 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H Instagram images

The hacktivist group Anonymous has taken control of 4H and 5H Instagram accounts, and it is the latest in a series of social media hacks targeting the companies.The hack is also the latest of its kind to hit an Instagram-based brand.In a series in the past week, hackers have taken

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When the cyber-attack happened: What we know about the cyberattack

An international team of researchers has managed to reverse engineer the malware that caused the major cyber-security breach in November.The researchers have discovered a new, sophisticated variant of the malware dubbed “Dread” that used a new way of encrypting data.This is the first time that the team has been able

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Hacker, Film and TV Hackers Steal, Hack, Steal!

By now you’ve probably heard of a recent attack on Sony Pictures.This attack was aimed at getting a lot of information from the company’s network, including the email addresses of its employees.But hackers also hacked into other companies, including Netflix and Google.This week, another hacker, @jamesdavidhoney, released the same list

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How to beat the hack: What you need to know

Juventus are now looking to return to the Champions League in 2017/18, and they may be forced to look elsewhere.The Bianconeri are facing a €100m price tag, and the cost of signing new players could push them over the edge, with Manchester City reportedly considering signing them.A return to Serie

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Nintendo hacks video game hackers

A group of hackers known as the Video Game Hackers Alliance has published a list of over 300 video game hacking apps that have been illegally downloaded from the App Store and other online stores, according to an internal memo sent to Nintendo’s internal security department.The list, posted on the

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How to hack PS4 hacking PS4 console to unlock PS4 game secrets

PS4 Hack PS4 Console to Unlock PS4 Game Secrets PS4 hack PS 4 console to Unlock PlayStation 4 Game Secrets, a hack that requires a PS4 to be hacked, can be accomplished via a USB connection.To do so, you need to connect the PS4 directly to your computer and

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