Why Apple should be on the cutting edge of VR technology

Apple is set to launch its next-generation virtual reality headset this year.

The company says it plans to bring its ARKit software to smartphones and tablets by the end of this year, a move that could allow for a major shift in how the technology is used.

The ARKit SDK will let developers create 3D applications that can be used to create augmented reality experiences in the virtual space.

But Apple’s plans aren’t without their critics, and they’ve raised concerns about the security of its devices.

Read more about Apple’s ARKit technology.

Apple has already launched a VR-enabled iPhone, and a virtual reality version of the company’s iPhone is coming soon.

In the wake of the iPhone’s death, Apple has focused on developing a headset that can help people with vision impairments and other vision-related issues.

ARKit will allow developers to develop applications for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV that can use the headset’s sensors to give people the ability to see in virtual reality.

It will also allow developers on other devices to create ARKit-compatible apps, and apps can be created with ARKit on a mobile device.

Apple’s plan isn’t limited to ARKit.

Apple is also looking to expand its AR content with the introduction of a new AR television show, and its virtual reality headsets will also support the upcoming AR-enabled Apple TV.

While the ARKit and ARKit headsets are already available for the Apple Watch and iPhone, the next-gen AR apps and content are going to be even more compelling, as Apple plans to make them available on its own hardware and services.

AR apps will allow users to create a 360-degree VR experience, using their devices to control the virtual environments.

The technology is also going to let people watch live television broadcasts, which will allow them to see the programs that they’ve watched on the big screen, in a more immersive way.

Apple already offers an app called AR Cinema that lets you watch live TV broadcasts in VR.

Apple also has AR Cinema Pro, which lets users create 360-level VR experiences, which they can watch on their smartphones.

The ARKit virtual reality technology will be able to handle more content than just TV, according to Apple.

Apple will be introducing a wide variety of content, from documentaries and documentaries about the history of cinema to immersive experiences for the home, including one for kids that lets them interact with virtual objects and interact with the world around them.

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