Hack squaters hack ‘heroes’ hacked by police

Hackers with the ‘hack squat’ moniker hacked a police squad car last night, with the car reportedly driven into the side of a van in the UK.

The hacking occurred just hours after officers in Nottinghamshire were reportedly called to a house after a complaint about a burglary.

The incident is believed to be the latest in a string of such incidents across the UK, including the one last month in Liverpool, which saw four people arrested and two people charged with a range of offences.

The Nottinghamshire Police said in a statement that the squad car was involved in a “fencing dispute” on Wednesday, which resulted in a collision between it and another vehicle.

“The collision caused significant damage to the car and the driver, and officers attended the scene to attend the scene,” the statement read.

A police spokesman said the incident had been “incidents like this are not uncommon” and the force would “work with the relevant authorities to investigate this matter”.

“Our officers are trained to react in the best interests of the public,” he said.

There were no reports of injuries and the police said the squad was safe and well.