How the GOP’s hackathon may end up hurting Donald Trump

A week after the RNC hackathon in Houston, it’s looking more and more like the GOP hackathon was a big waste of time.

Politico reported that a group of GOP activists were “satisfied” with the RNC’s response to the hack, but “some felt the party should have gotten a little more creative.”

The GOP hack team was supposed to present a “gameplan” to the RNC.

Instead, the RNC decided to “go the whole hog” and “take a different approach,” Politico said.

Trump has been critical of the RNC, saying that it should have done more to “get back at the RNC.”

He has also called the RNC “a bunch of losers.”

The RNC responded by telling Politico that it has no plans to change its response to Trump and the hacks, and that the RNC has no involvement in the hack.

“We believe the RNC and the DNC were in the wrong,” RNC spokeswoman Amanda Stewart told Politico.

“It is disappointing to see this kind of irresponsible behavior from some of our allies.”

Stewart added that the “team has worked with the DNC to address the hack and is working with all of the parties teams and partners to make sure this never happens again.”

On Friday, Politico reported a leaked email from the RNC suggesting that the hackathon organizers could “totally do whatever they want,” including “go to the moon” and send out a “blank-email.”

The email reportedly comes from a “senior Republican operative,” who said that the Republican Party “shouldn’t have had to do anything.”

The source, who has not been identified, also suggested that the GOP could “spend the rest of this summer running around the country” in a bid to “win the 2020 presidential election.”

The leaked email is believed to be the first public confirmation of the hack-and-exploit plan.