Pokemon Go Hackers Take Over Pokémon Go Website, Hacking Users’ Accounts

Hacker group “Pokemon Go Hack” has taken over the website of a Pokémon Go game developer and is now using it to release a massive amount of private and sensitive information about users.

“Pokemon GO Hack” is the name of the hacking group which claims to have obtained access to a database of account information and password information of over 1.2 million people, according to a statement on its Twitter account.

“As of the time of writing, we have over 1,400 accounts exposed.

The majority of accounts are owned by a single user.” “

This includes all Pokémon Go accounts created in 2016, as well as all accounts created by people who are registered on the Pokemon GO network.

The majority of accounts are owned by a single user.”

Hackers have been using the hacked Pokémon Go website to post hacked messages, post links to hacked social media accounts and even post fake news about the game.

Hackers claim to have broken into the account of game developer John Kavanagh, who has been working on the game since 2014, to post a message with the subject line “My Account.”

“John has been hacked to a password dump of his password dump.

He is currently working on getting all his passwords cracked and he is still trying to find out who has hacked his account,” the statement reads.

“John is an active member of the Pokemon Go community and has been active on the social media platforms to spread the word about the games release and help us in securing it.”

The statement then says that hackers have been sending messages to Kavanagans email address to obtain information about his account, including his social security number, address, email, and password.

“He has been compromised.

John is not going to make this up,” the hacker said.

“We have already breached his email account and we have his password.

John has been attacked on his account and his account has been taken over.”

The hacker then claims to be working to obtain a number of email addresses for John Kavagh, his wife, and their two young children.

“All email accounts have been taken.

He has been phishing email addresses into his account.

All of his contact info including phone numbers, phone numbers and phone numbers have been compromised,” the group said in the statement.

The group then claims that “the hackers have taken over all of his social media sites, as they claim that they have obtained his Facebook and Twitter accounts.”

In a statement, John Kavenagh told the Associated Press that he has not been hacked, and that the hacker group he claims to work for, “PokemonGOHack,” is a “fake news outfit.”

“The information that we have obtained is completely legit,” he said.

Pokemon Go is the latest in a long line of popular gaming mobile apps that have been hacked by hackers, including the Pokémon Go app for Android and iOS, the popular Clash Royale game for iPhone and iPad, and the popular NBA Live mobile game for Windows Phone and Xbox Live.