What are the latest hacks to ruin your iPad?

The latest iOS 8.0.2 security fix was spotted in a new video, and is described as a “virus”, according to the blog Ars Technica.

The new iOS version is only available on a limited number of devices.

According to the website, it is a bug fix update to fix some of the most serious security issues found in iOS 8 including a flaw in the way iCloud syncs user passwords and other sensitive data.

It’s not clear if the flaw is still in the new version or if it will be fixed before iOS 8 is released to the public.

The bug in question is one of the first iOS security bugs to be patched, as it was fixed in July 2017.

The flaw involves iCloud passwords being stored in a file called “passwords_totals.txt” and used by a third-party app to create a “master password” for users.

This file was stored on the device, which can be read by the app, and used to log into other accounts.

The second flaw involves Apple allowing third-parties to access iCloud passwords and “passwds” stored in the same iCloud account as the user’s iCloud account.

This means the app can access iCloud’s password history and use the master password for any other accounts as well.

This was not patched in iOS 9.0, and iOS 8 was patched in July of this year, but the fix was later released to fix a second vulnerability.

Apple previously said in 2017 that it was aware of “several” bugs in iOS, including one that allowed hackers to steal the private information of users on its servers.

Apple later patched that flaw in iOS 10, and the fix released to customers in October of this years also contained the second security flaw, which Apple has now patched.

Apple has also patched several other vulnerabilities that could be used to compromise Apple devices, including the same vulnerability that allowed an attacker to gain access to an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices in March 2017.

The latest version of iOS 8 fixes a separate vulnerability that allows a user to bypass password restrictions on the iCloud account of their Apple ID account.

Apple said the new security patch would be available to developers in the next few days, but it could take a few weeks for users to be able to take advantage of it.