What’s next for Snapchat’s most controversial user?

The world of Snapchat has never been the same after it was revealed that a group of hackers has breached the Snapchat app and used its user-generated content to make a video that features a nude model and a photo of a young boy with his genitals exposed.

While the hack itself is still ongoing, the video that shows the nude boy and his genitals is now available for Snapchat users to watch and share.

The video was uploaded to Snapchat’s Snapchat Live video app on Friday morning, and was then posted on the app’s Instagram account on Sunday.

According to Snapchat, the account was hacked on June 23, but the hackers are still unknown.

Snapchat says the video was taken down by the company due to a security breach and has since been removed.

But it’s not the first time Snapchat has been targeted by hackers.

The app was recently hacked by a group known as the “Lizard Squad” who also posted nude photos and videos of celebrities.

Snapchat users have since taken to the app to warn others that the app was hacked.

The group said it hacked Snapchat for several reasons including its user experience, privacy, and its privacy policy.

But Snapchat said that it’s the first Snapchat user who had access to the hacked account.

“This is not a story of our company or our users,” Snapchat said in a statement to The Verge.

“Our company is not at fault for the intrusion.”

Snapchat did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Verge about the hacked user.

Snapchat is a popular app in the US that has nearly 4 million monthly active users.

Snapchat said the group’s aim was to “use Snapchat to exploit people’s vulnerability to spread misinformation, and spread lies about Snapchat and its products.”

The group also posted pictures and videos on Instagram and Twitter that showed nude models and videos showing the boy.

“We do not condone or condone this behavior,” Snapchat wrote in a blog post.

“However, we are deeply saddened that this behavior occurred, and that this activity was shared widely on social media.

We’re actively working with law enforcement to track down and hold accountable the responsible parties responsible.”

Snapchat said it will now work to delete the video, but said that users should not be concerned about their privacy.

“The company has been in contact with law-enforcement authorities and will continue to work with them as we uncover the perpetrators of this attack,” Snapchat told The Verge in a tweet.

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