How to Hack Your Facebook Account to Find Out Who Killed Your Friend

Hackers who hacked the Facebook accounts of a bunch of high-profile celebrities are now posting messages to their followers urging them to help.

The messages, which appear to have been created by someone using the alias “TigerKitten,” were posted on a Twitter account, @tigerkitten.

Tiger Kitten is a high-powered Twitter user and a prominent figure in the hacker community.

He is also one of the main figures behind a popular hacktivist group, The Angry Birds Club.

He’s also one the main players behind the hacking group The Angry Bird Club.

The Angry Bird Facebook page was hacked, and posts from the account were posted to other Twitter accounts.

“It’s really a sad day for all of us.

It’s really sad for the fans of Angry Birds and all of you.

#Hacked,” TigerKitten wrote.

“The Angry Birds Facebook page is hacked and all our content is now gone.

All of your fun memories from the years we have been playing with Angry Birds are gone.

It was all a dream.

It all went down.


This means nothing to me,” the messages read.

“It’s all gone.

My family, friends, and fans are dead.

But this is not what we are.

This is a sad, sad day.


#Sad”He also posted a message to the Angry Birds Twitter page: “It is time for all the people to wake up and see what is really going on in the world.

#Icy”The posts were sent to users who have been active on TigerKittens account since at least April, and are posted under a number of different hashtags.

The hacker group also claims to have hacked the accounts of “several” celebrities.

They claim to have released a list of their personal information, including their phone numbers, social security numbers, email addresses and passwords.

The group has also posted links to the hacker’s social media accounts, and some of the posts have been shared widely.

“We’ve done this,” Tiger Kitten wrote in a tweet that was shared on Twitter by one of his followers.

“Hacked their accounts, but this is a fake.

You guys are going to see what it looks like.

We hacked their accounts so that they could make a list.””

A few of them, like Jay Z, did not want to pay attention to this and are going crazy now, they have to pay a lot of attention to what’s going on.

They are trying to do this so they can get a better life.

They do not want you to know that they are trying.

This has already taken them away from their families, their friends, their fans,” Tiger said.

“So it’s time to pay for this, I hope you do.


The group posted messages of support for the celebrities.

“So many of the celebs are very proud of what they are doing for the world and what they stand for,” Tiger wrote.

“[The hackers] are doing it because they want to make some money.

I think they are really scared because of all the attention they have received and the way they are being portrayed.

They should be able to get some money from the people that they deserve.

They deserve to be treated well.

We need to help them.

So let’s help them.””

We love them,” Tiger added.

“We love the people they love and the fans.

But they are going mad because of the attention that they have been getting.

So, let’s get them together and help them get some help.”

Tiger’s messages, however, appear to be fake, and many of them are from his own account.