The hacker code is just a tool, not a virus, says UK government

Google has warned that hackers using the popular code-breaking tool TeamViewer have “hacked” UK government websites and the NHS.

“We have found that a number of sites that have been compromised by hackers using TeamViewerr have been using code that is a part of TeamView err, TeamView,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

The UK government has been hit by a spate of data breaches, most recently the leak of personal data including names, addresses and birthdates of thousands of people, including the Prime Minister.

This week, the BBC reported that hackers had targeted the Department of Health and Social Care, the Ministry of Defence and the National Health Service.

As the UK government struggles to cope with the growing number of hacks, the Government has already announced plans to tighten the security of the internet and introduce a data protection law.

A spokesperson for the Department for Transport said: “The Department of Transport has not been breached by TeamViewr.”

The hack has been blamed on “a small group of cybercriminals who are seeking to steal sensitive information and take advantage of our security defences.

But the source of the attack has not yet been identified.

We are working closely with our partners in the intelligence and law enforcement sectors and the cybercrime taskforce to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

It is clear that TeamViewers vulnerabilities are being exploited in many countries around the world.”

TeamViewerr is used to help you find a solution for your problem, or help your team to fix a problem before it happens.

Team Viewer, as it’s called, was developed by British hackers in the 1990s.

In the past, the program has been used to solve a range of technical problems, including installing and configuring network routers and to fix computer software that doesn’t work properly.

However, in recent years, the software has been popular in the hacking community, especially in the United States.

After TeamViewerm was first developed, hackers in Britain and elsewhere were quick to exploit its weaknesses.

Last month, Team Viewer was used to hack the websites of the Labour party, the UK’s health service, the Department and the Home Office.

Earlier this week, Teamviewer was also used to breach the home of US President Donald Trump, which was revealed by Wikileaks.

Hackers used TeamView er the UK and other countries have also used it to steal data from banks and other businesses.

What’s the threat?

Teamviewer is not designed to target the public.

Its purpose is to find solutions for technical problems in computers.

Security experts have warned that if TeamViewercys exploits were used by the UK to hack public services, it could put a major dent in the security around the internet.

According to the Department Of Transport, the hackers involved in TeamViewerd have not yet shown any sign of intention to release any data.

One hacker, identified as Rohan, told the BBC that Teamviewers exploits could have been used by other governments.

He said: “They could use TeamView to go and hack all of the networks and to do all sorts of things.

There is not a single nation that doesn´t have TeamView.

They could even use Teamview to go around all of Europe and the US and the UK, and hack the NHS.”

In response to the breach, the Home Affairs Select Committee, which oversees the National Security Agency (NSA), has announced a taskforce led by Sir Edward Snowden, who is known for leaking classified documents about the US spy agency.

Sir Edward said TeamView was one of the most popular and widely used programs on the internet, but said that the hackers responsible for the attack would “not only hack our government but any other nation on the planet”.

He added: “We cannot let this happen.

Any government that uses TeamView has no idea what they are doing.”

But, despite the threat, the NHS is taking steps to make sure its computer systems are protected from TeamView, with the Home Secretary launching an investigation into the hack.

Health Secretary Mark Drakeford said:”We are confident that the NHS has an effective and robust security programme in place and will continue to work closely with partners across the government to identify and tackle the malicious use of this malware.”

Earlier, he told BBC Radio 5 Live: “If we find evidence of a breach, we will take swift action to protect the health and welfare of patients, staff and patients’ information.”

A Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said the Government had made it clear that any data stolen through TeamView is a matter for law enforcement agencies and that it was a priority for the agency to identify perpetrators.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by a hack, you can report the incident to:

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