What’s the most important thing you can do to keep hackers at bay?

Google is taking some steps to help protect users from online threats.

The search giant announced Wednesday that it is building a database of people and information it believes are actively trying to access information.

The database will also allow Google to quickly and easily identify hackers and identify malicious activity.

The move comes after months of criticism of Google’s approach to cyber security.

Some security experts have argued that Google should have a broader approach, with the company helping other tech companies like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn investigate and combat attacks.

Google will use the data for two purposes: To help other companies improve their cybersecurity and to help improve the user experience.

The company says it will share data with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Cybersecurity Center and the Federal Bureau for International Development.

The Federal Bureau, in a statement, said the Federal Cybersecurity Act of 2018 will give U.N. member states and the international community the tools to better protect against attacks.