Why the hacky hacky hacking that robs the Bronx is worth it

Hackers stole the Bronx’s most famous building and then took over the New York City Transit system for several days, before being apprehended and charged with multiple felonies.

The hacking, which also damaged subway systems in Washington, DC and Boston, took place over the weekend.

It comes as a number of major U.S. cities, including New York, are under a state of emergency, including the lockdown that has forced schools to close and residents to lock down roads.

The Bronx Transit Authority said it has been in lockdown since Monday and that buses and rail service has been halted.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that “this is not a joke.”

He said that the transit authority has been notified of the incident.

Police said the hackers used a “massive botnet” to hack into the subway system and that their attack had targeted the system’s subway network, and the subway’s electrical system.

The hack was part of an international cybercrime spree that began on Friday and was traced back to China, according to security researchers who analyzed the data.

The attack was carried out on a botnet dubbed the “New York Botnet,” which includes the New Zealand-based “Frog” botnet and the “Sophia” botnets of India, South Korea and Singapore, according the researchers.

The hackers also used the botnets to attack the computers of several banks and financial institutions, as well as subway systems, including in New York.

The attacks were carried out against the New Jersey Transit Authority, the New England Transit Authority and the New Orleans Metro.

The FBI has been investigating the attack.

The subway system has been shut down and all services have been suspended since Friday.

The MTA, which is one of the nation’s busiest, said in a statement that it was working with police to “ensure that everyone in New Yorkers’ lives is safe.”

New York State Police have launched a cybercrime task force.

The police department’s cybersecurity division has been working to combat the cybercrime that has hit the city.

The New York Police Department has also set up a task force, which it said has been staffed by about 200 officers, including about 100 from the cyber crimes unit.

New Yorkers who may have been affected by the attack can report it to the New Yorkers Anonymous Protection Act, the police department said.

A New York Transit Authority spokeswoman said the system has not been impacted by the hack.

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