How to avoid ‘russian hacker’ attacks: Here’s how to protect yourself

Google is warning its users that their data is at risk from a new type of malicious attack that appears to be originating from Russia.

The attack is believed to have originated from a fake email address registered on a Russian government website, and is being reported by the cyber security firm FireEye.

Google says users should be aware that the attacker appears to have been impersonating someone with a government name.

This type of attack can also be used to trick users into installing software that has been downloaded to their computer without their knowledge.

FireEye found the email address to be registered on the official RUSSELL.COM domain, which has a domain name suffix of

This allows the attacker to impersonate any RUSSLLL.

Com account, and can be used by anyone with access to a compromised computer.

Fireeye has also identified a new group of malware that appears on the website of the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB.

This group has been targeting computers with the Russian name “Трейбонов,” which is the Russian abbreviation for “Russian Army Cyber Defense.”

This means it has been launched from a Russian server, rather than an external server, according to FireEye, which is an independent cybersecurity firm.

“The FSB, in a statement, warned that the email addresses “russian-hacker-email” and “” are used to access the same servers, and that these accounts have been compromised in a previous attack.

The Russian government, in its statement, also noted that a new attack is targeting the Russian Internet, and specifically the RUSSDLL.NET domain, in the United States, as well as the Russian domain of the Kremlin’s cybersecurity agency, the FSB Cyber Defense, which was also targeted in the attack.

A Russian official has confirmed that an attack has been successfully launched against a Russian-language email service, and said the attackers have “impersonated the head of a Russian organization and demanded ransom payments from the email service provider.”

The FSB and Russian Ministry of Defense have both warned that users are at risk for the attack, and the Russian Ministry has warned that anyone who has been compromised is urged to contact their bank, credit card company, or other payment provider to report it.

Firestorm Security, a cybersecurity firm that specializes in identifying and stopping attacks, is warning of a new variant of malware known as “the russian hack” that has already been detected in some systems.

The new attack appears to target the RUSSSELL domain, with the new attack using a different domain suffix and different IP address.

It appears to use a different file type, but Firestorm believes that this is due to an update to the malware that was released in late May.

FireStorm has identified a sample of this new malware, which it believes is also part of a previous wave of attacks, and which also targeted RUSSSDLL domain.

The malware is targeted against Windows computers, but could also target Mac and Linux systems.

Fire Storm has already warned that this new variant will target the Russian government and its entities.

FireDog, a FireEye research company, says it is also aware of a recent attack that also targets, a Russian company that provides software and services to government agencies.

It said the attack is based on a similar approach, but with a new “fingerprint.”

FireStrike Security is also tracking down the attackers behind this new attack, which they believe is similar to a previously reported attack on “

In addition to the russian-hack attack, we also found that a second attack targeting RUSSSLLL domains, which appeared to be targeting the RSSSDLL domains of Russian agencies and government entities, appears to also target the russ-hsdll domain, but the signature is different,” said FireEye researcher Chris Vickery.

FireStrike Security is also tracking down the attackers behind this new attack, which they believe is similar to a previously reported attack on

“Based on the signature, it appears to work on multiple systems, and it’s likely that a third attack on the RussSLL.domain will be launched in the coming days,” FireStrike said.

According to FireStrike, this attack appears not to have a connection to any of the previous attacks.

Firestrike Security said it believes the attack on, a domain that is the domain of Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is also similar to previous attacks on, the domain used by Russia’s Defense Ministry and other government entities.

It says this is a similar pattern to the previous attack on U.S. government websites, which were also launched by Russian government entities that were using the same code.

Fire Strike says the attacks appear to be related to a malware called “tamper,” which has previously been used in attacks against U.N. systems.

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