US government investigating iOS game hacking app

The US government is investigating an iOS game hack app because it allows people to secretly access the device’s memory, the National Security Agency (NSA) said Thursday.

The agency said the program was first discovered in September.

The malware, called “Boom,” was installed by an unnamed hacker and allowed users to access the iPhone’s internal memory.

The FBI is also investigating the program, according to the NSA.

Apple said it would disable the “Bomble” malware once it was fixed, according the Wall Street Journal.

The NSA and Apple declined to comment on the matter.

The “B” malware can be used to gain access to an iPhone’s memory by exploiting a bug in iOS that allows users to use the phone to access files on the device without being logged in to their iCloud account.

The malware can also be used by other hackers to gain control of the device by exploiting weaknesses in iOS’ software, which allow hackers to execute malicious code on the phone without the need for an internet connection.

Apple was the first company to announce a fix for the vulnerability, which affects iPhones and iPads, in October.

Apple said the vulnerability had been patched for about 10 million devices.

The NSA, meanwhile, has been conducting its own investigation into the issue.

The report was released as a review into the hack of the iPhone by hackers known as APT28 is continuing, and the FBI is investigating it as well, according a government official briefed on the investigation.

The official said the investigation was still ongoing, and that the NSA did not know the full scope of the problem.

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