Why PayPal is getting hacked

PayPal hacked.

The hacker that made the breach claims credit cards were used to buy the loot and the bank used to take a cut.

What does this mean?

The hackers claim credit cards have been used to make purchases at online shops.

It also claims PayPal used an account for the purchase to transfer money to the hacker’s account, which was linked to the PayPal account.

But the bank didn’t.


PayPal is being sued by one of its own customers.

That case is still pending.

But it could impact the company’s entire business, including its payment processing business.

The company could face fines or worse if the breach was widespread.

It’s possible PayPal has been hacked, too.

The hackers, who used the moniker The Shadow Brokers, released the exploit for a free software exploit called Lazarus.

So, what now?

We asked the company if it had any plans to patch the breach, and it said that it is aware of the breach and that it has a team of researchers looking into the matter.

We’ve asked for comment from PayPal on whether it has taken any steps to address the breach.

We also asked for clarification about the details of the hack.

If you think you have been the victim of this breach, PayPal will ask you to share your details and email the information.

We’re not releasing the details because we don’t want this to become public information.

You can call the company toll free at +1 786 220170 or email [email protected]

Read more about Paypal breach:PayPal’s chief information security officer told Ars the company had taken steps to prevent a breach in the past.

“Our team has been monitoring and taking action on all known breaches,” he wrote.

“We have identified the vulnerability and taken action to fix it.

As of August 31, 2018, we are confident that we have remedied the vulnerability.

We are taking further action to make sure our system is resilient to future breaches and exploits.”

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