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How to hack the Clash Royale app data hack

Clash Royale players can now use the official Discord hack app to access and control personal data.The hack is only available in North America and Europe, but the game’s developers have confirmed that the hack will be available to anyone in the region.“For some of you, the hack is your

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How to make your PS4 a game console without a PS4 controller

Hacker News users have discovered that the PS4 is capable of playing PS4 games without a controller, which makes the PlayStation 4 a console that can be controlled by the hand.This is a bit different from how a PS3 or PS4 gamepad works.With a PS Vita controller, you can use

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Why PayPal is getting hacked

PayPal hacked.The hacker that made the breach claims credit cards were used to buy the loot and the bank used to take a cut.What does this mean?The hackers claim credit cards have been used to make purchases at online shops.It also claims PayPal used an account for the purchase to

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How to hack the free roblogox hack and get kahoot

Hackers stole about $5 million from roblax, a software company that provides security software, but the company didn’t suffer a single loss, according to a post on the website.According to the post, a security researcher discovered the hack after his work was used to build an app for a mobile

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How to hack an Irish Game Hacker

Hackers are a very small but growing subset of gamers.They’re often seen playing games on a mobile phone, or sitting on the couch in front of a computer monitor.Now, a team of Irish hackers has cracked one of the largest such games in history, which was launched back in 1998

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Which hack is the most interesting and useful to the average user?

hack is an incredibly valuable tool in the hack-a-day community, and it’s one that many of us are familiar with, but it’s also one that can be a little difficult to grasp.Hackers typically rely on a series of “pings” to track the exact location of a targeted user’s computer, and

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TikTok hack: Cybersecurity firm says hackers stole $12.3M worth of bitcoins

Hackers from TikTok hacked into the cybersecurity firm’s servers and stole nearly $12 million worth of Bitcoins, the firm’s CEO said Monday.A company spokeswoman said the firm has no information on how many Bitcoins were stolen and declined to provide further information.The attack on TikTok was part of a larger

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Which is more important: The NSA or a global cybersecurity breach?

An analysis of data from cybersecurity firms found that the United States was responsible for more than half of the global cybersecurity breaches of 2018.Data from CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm, found that U.S. companies were responsible for roughly 85% of the breaches.The analysis, released Tuesday by cybersecurity company CrowdStrike on

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When hackers stole thousands of homebrew files and created a new strain of malware, the CIA had no choice but to stop its work

A hacking group called Team Bletchley has stolen thousands of files from the CIA’s servers and published them online.But the CIA was forced to shut down its own network, according to new reports.The group’s leader, James Bletches, allegedly stole a large amount of data from the agency’s computers from December

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