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When the cyber-attack happened: What we know about the cyberattack

An international team of researchers has managed to reverse engineer the malware that caused the major cyber-security breach in November.The researchers have discovered a new, sophisticated variant of the malware dubbed “Dread” that used a new way of encrypting data.This is the first time that the team has been able

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Nintendo hacks video game hackers

A group of hackers known as the Video Game Hackers Alliance has published a list of over 300 video game hacking apps that have been illegally downloaded from the App Store and other online stores, according to an internal memo sent to Nintendo’s internal security department.The list, posted on the

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When you buy a disc, can you hack it?

When you bought a disc at a retailer, you’ve probably purchased it with an Amazon Prime membership.Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to access a library of over 1,000 video games, music, and other digital content, for free.You can also use it to stream movies, TV shows,

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‘Only fans hack’ games, only fans hack

Hackers are only the ones hacking games that don’t have the fans’ code on them.The hackers are also the ones that are making money by stealing data and selling it online.One of the games they are currently working on, the title “The Journey,” is already in the hands of more

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When your employer is paying to fix your fall guy hacks

There’s a chance that your employer may be paying you to fix fall guys hacks or other falls.When you hire an external contractor to do your falls, you have a responsibility to disclose any work performed by that contractor.If you don’t disclose the work performed, you’re not doing the work

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How to avoid being a victim of a massive data breach

A huge data breach at a major Indian financial firm has revealed the details of the details, including the identities of users of its email services.The breach was reported to the cyber security firm Symantec in September.In its annual report to the Government of India, Symantech says it uncovered the

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How to hack your email passwords

Hackers are out to steal your passwords, and they are going after your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram passwords.The great hack hack is on Twitter, and it is very easy to do.You just need to get a fake password from a hacker, a real password, and then you can hack the

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