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Garmin hack: What you need to know

By Ryan KelleherThe hack of Garmin’s fitness tracking devices and fitness app was first reported by The Verge in September, which led to speculation that it was linked to the theft of personal information from the company’s data.The company said at the time that it had been notified of the

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When hackers hit the hacking forums of The Hacker News

Hacker News is a popular social networking site for internet users.A popular forum called The Hacker Forum is the home of a community of hackers who have been posting news, pictures, videos and other content to the site since 2003.However, The Hacker’s community has a new home on the forums

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When will Apple finally release the iPhone X?

The new iPhone Xs, the first iPhone to be manufactured by Apple, is set to go on sale on September 9.In case you haven’t noticed, it’s now become the latest Apple device to have a camera sensor that’s capable of recording video.While Apple has yet to make a formal announcement

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