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Bill Gates hacks 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H Instagram images

The hacktivist group Anonymous has taken control of 4H and 5H Instagram accounts, and it is the latest in a series of social media hacks targeting the companies.The hack is also the latest of its kind to hit an Instagram-based brand.In a series in the past week, hackers have taken

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SolarWinds hacked by hackers, instagram image hack,instagram picture

SolarWind and its owner, SunEdison Inc., said Friday it has patched a security hole in the solar power firm’s system that allowed hackers to upload malicious photos and videos of its staff and customers.The incident came about in late December after SolarWind employees and customers noticed that the company was

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Which banks have breached consumer credit cards?

In February 2017, a security researcher with the German antivirus company Kaspersky Lab said that it had found an open source exploit for the Microsoft Edge browser.Kaspersko had then found another vulnerability that was used in Microsoft’s popular Edge browser, and the company also reported the issue to the US

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How to hack snapchat with a pen and code

The hack could be a boon to hackers who use a pen to record videos and posts that can be uploaded to Instagram, Snapchat or other social media networks.But the process is complicated, especially for those with limited technical knowledge and the ability to do it safely.“I would definitely recommend

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How to get a 3DS hacked

How to hack a 3ds, the hack that lets you play the 3ds games and play with your friends.1 / 3 Nintendo 3DS hack How to break into the 3DS using a hack of the software that powers the device, and how to use a few of the tools we

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