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How to hack an iOS phone in a couple of seconds

The game Pokémon Go, the Pokémon app that lets players hunt Pokémon online and capture them on the go, has had a lot of players using hacks to try and find hidden items or glitches in the game.Some of these hacks are so easy they are not even a hack

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ICLoud hack shows ‘biggest security breach in history’ – ICL

ICL announced on Monday that it had discovered the biggest security breach ever in the history of the company.ICL CEO Jim Gellman said the attack took place in June last year and was discovered by researchers from cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, which also reported the breach to the company on

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Why you should hack cars: The story of one hacker

Hackers often get credit for breaking the computer systems of the world’s leading corporations, but a number of researchers have been working on ways to do more.Hackers can steal passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information.They can hack the brains of complex systems, including smart phones, smart TVs and

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