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When you buy a disc, can you hack it?

When you bought a disc at a retailer, you’ve probably purchased it with an Amazon Prime membership.Amazon Prime is a subscription service that allows you to access a library of over 1,000 video games, music, and other digital content, for free.You can also use it to stream movies, TV shows,

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A ‘Tiktoy’ makeup hack that’s easy to make, easy to use

TechCrunch – 1,711,076 views Posted by TechCrunch on May 26, 2020 3:20:16TiktoTechHack,TikToys makeup hack is a beauty hack for people that loves makeup, but are afraid of getting caught, said founder of Tiktoys Cosmetics.Tiktocore, a makeup hack for those that love makeup, is available on Google Play, Amazon, Apple, and

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