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Hacker, Film and TV Hackers Steal, Hack, Steal!

By now you’ve probably heard of a recent attack on Sony Pictures.This attack was aimed at getting a lot of information from the company’s network, including the email addresses of its employees.But hackers also hacked into other companies, including Netflix and Google.This week, another hacker, @jamesdavidhoney, released the same list

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Hackers are targeting Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and YouTube

Hacker news sourceCBS News has learned that hackers are targeting popular social media sites and video sharing sites, and have been attacking them since March.The hacktivist group Anonymous claimed responsibility for the attacks, which took place last week and lasted until the beginning of May.Anonymous has claimed responsibility in the

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How to hack a vending machine

Hackers are cracking the machines at a discount store in a bid to steal a $5,000-a-year lottery ticket.According to the New York Post, a woman from the UK used a hacking app called ShiftyCoder to get into the register.The app allows users to “search” for the right number of coins

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